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Why do scullers and coxswains fear the Challenge?  It is designed to fully challenge you with several turns and  a start and finish line at the same location.

Starting at Sandy Run Regional Park (on the Prince William Side of the River), the course winds its way down river towards the 2000 m race course starting line. Halfway through the race, crews will be required to complete a wide quarter mile long 180-degree turn to finish the final leg of the race. By allowing crews to safely start and finish at the same location, rowers can get a clearer idea as to how the race is going as they are racing. It also provides spectators several excellent locations to watch crews both at the start and finish of each race.


Note: We offer free sculler and coxswain tours approximately 1-2 hours before the start of the event. We strongly recommend you take the tour!

 Start               Finish        
     Caution            End of a Turn            Out of Bounds

Off - Limits Areas: These areas are off limits. For example, any crews found in the center of the river will be immediately disqualified. A good rule to use is to always row no more than 125 feet from shore at ALL times.   
 Sandy Run Regional Park. The entire regatta is operated within the park. Crews heading out the on the water should use the docks halfway down the hill leading to the water and crews returning to the park should use the return docks which are located at the bottom of the hill. Registrations will be run from the main boathouse building at the top of the hill and results can be picked up at regatta headquarters in between the both sets of docks.   
  Prince William County. This is the land mass on the other side of the river from the Sandy Run. As you race down the river, PW County will be on your starboard side. Notable landmarks include the "Painted" Rocks where several marshalls will be on hand to get you lined up for the race and the power lines(which cross the river at about 1000 meters away from the start and finish line of the race).   
  The Painted Rocks This is a collection of rocks that local HS crews have painted. It should serve as the approximate turnaround point for crews preparing to head into the course. Please note, you should not stray too far away from the course as marshalls will not wait for your arrival before starting the event.   
  The 2000m Grandstand The 2000 meter SPRINT course is a completely different race course used during the Spring Season. For the purposes of this race, you will be on the 2000m at several points during the race. The grandstand however is simply a point on the course, not the finish line for the Challenge.

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