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Where is this event being held?


Sandy Run Regional Park​  10450 Van Thompson Rd. Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Where to Watch the Race

Best?  At the bottom of the hill next to Sandy Run Boathouse 3. Unlike other events, you can watch the start AND finish at the same location. You can view the race at the boathouses where the athletes launch and return (Not the grandstands, although thats another great location!) Bring your chairs!  

Team Tents?

Team Tents are welcome but please make sure to clear your tents placement with the park ranger and the event staff first(event staff is located at the bottom of the hill next to flagpole) Its first come, first served and you CAN use the space at the bottom of the hill. Again, please ask before grabbing a space. 


Trinkets and Photos!

WILL RETURN IN 2023.  We sell super cool T-Shirts, backpacks and more..  Come see us at the Flag Pole at the bottom of the hill. Want a photo from your race? 

Food and Beverage

Rocklands BBQ will be onsite. Its FOOD TRUCK will be on site to support your food and drink needs!


Help us get our competitors easy access to the boathouses and trailer lots. We are very limited on space. Please CARPOOL. 

1 person in a car - 30 dollars- Ouch!

2-7 persons - 20 dollars - Better...

8 or more persons - FREE 

*Competitors with Car-toppers, Buses and Trailers FREE


Are you a parent or friend who hates sitting around? We pay 50.00 dollars for 5 hours of work on the water or land!  Examples of Jobs!

  • Dock Monitor. Make sure all crews leave with a bow number!

  • Start and Finish line Monitor! Record Boats as they pass. 

  • On Water Marshal. 




Water Marshal Volunteer Click Here   | Land Volunteer Click Here

The Rules


No Alcohol 

 No Grills, No Open Flames

Respect Mon!

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