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​REGISTER SMART AND EARLY! The Occoquan Challenge only accepts online entries until September 30, 2022. Race will be held on Sunday October 8, 2023. 


Cancellation Policy: We are different...If we cancel before the event, we will return all fees minus the cost service costs(registration and insurance fees). On the day of the event, we will adjust the schedule(extend the racing time and remove certain events) before cancelling an event. 


September 16th, 11:59pm, Early Bird Discount ends (5 dollar per boat discount).

September 30th at 11:59pm, Online Registration Closes


Saturday(Day Before Event)

3:00pm  Race Officially Course Opens (Weather Dependent)

7:00pm  Park Closes(Early Trailer Drop-off) 


9:00 am  Pack pick-up and Registration Desk Opens  

9:00am  Free Course Tours Start

& Practice Course Open CLOSED at 10:00am


Please be sure to launch 20 to 30 minutes prior to your event time. You must arrive at least 5 minutes before your start time.



Wave 1.  Men's & Women's 1x                                                      10:45am

Wave 2.  Junior Men & Women's 1x                                             11:05am

Wave 3.  Men´s 8 (Open, Upper Juniors, 30+, 40+ ,Club)          11:45am

Wave 3.  Men´s 4+ (50+Fresh/Novice/Lower Juniors)                 11:45am          


Wave 4.  Men´s 2x (All Divisions)                                                   12:45pm

Wave 4.  Women´s 2x (All divisions)                                             12:45pm


Wave 5.  Women´s 8 (Open, 30+ & 40+ , Upper Juniors, Club)       1:05pm

Wave 5.  Women´s 4+ (50+Fresh/Novice/Lower Juniors)                 1:05pm


Wave 6. Men´s 8 (50+/Lower Juniors/Fresh/Novice)                       1:45pm

Wave 7.  Men´s 4+ (Open, Upper Juniors, 30+ & 40+)                    2:00pm


Wave 8.  Men's Quads(all)                                                            2:30pm

Wave 8  Women's Quads(all)                                                       2:30pm


Wave 9. Women´s 8 (50+/Lower Juniors/Fresh/Novice)                   2:55pm

Wave 10. Women´s 4+ (Open, 30+ , 40+, Upper Juniors,Club)       3:10pm

Wave 11.  Mixed Fours and Mixed Quads                                      3:35pm

Wave 11.  Mixed 2x and Parent Child 2x  (All divisions)                3:35pm

Wave 12.  Mixed Eights  (Junior, Open and Masters)                    4:05pm


Championship: No restrictions.


Club Level: Persons who, for the past three years, have not finished in the top three places at National or International Race(Example: Any USRowing Championships, DadVail, IRA, ACRA, Head of the Charles). 


Junior: Must be less than 19 years of age the day of the regatta. No college students may participate.  2nd Junior entries require at least two entries in the First level. 


Master: Each competitor must be at least 22 years of age AND the average age of each boat MUST be 30 or over. This does NOT include the coxswain. Age categories are broken up based upon five and ten year increments (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+) and based on the number of entries. Master Medals will ONLY be given to those events that have the min. number of entries. 

Lightweight: Must be at or below 165 pounds for men, 135 pounds for women. No averaging. We do NOT weigh-in crews or singles scullers- honor system.


Novice: Any age, a rower who has rowed for less than one year


Freshman: First-year college rower


2nd Junior Boatings: Any boatings after the first two junior boats for a team(3rd, 4th, etc). 

The Challenge follows the standard rules of rowing but may amend them at any time including adjusting event types. This includes disqualifying ALL crews within an event that back load a race? What is backloading? It is placing your fastest crews in the back of the race and slowest crews in the front. If we determine this has occurred all team entries in that event will be disqualified. 


1.. If you raced a single last year, invite another single sculler who hasn't been to the Challenge in three years and both of your entries are free! Register before 9/1.

2. If your team raced this last year, invite another club who hasn't been to the Challenge in three years and all team boat entries are free! Both teams must register at least 8 team boats. Register before 9/1.

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