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2017 Occoquan Challenge Survey Results

Want to thank all participated in the race survey! See results and comments below...

Survey questions

2017 Occoquan Challenge Survey

And... All your survey comments... minus names. About 30% of participants left comments.

(We will be making sure most if not all of your recommendations are put into our playbook. Count on seeing more on that shortly).

Keep doing you!

Tighten the start to 10 seconds

All good on our end, fun event.

This is my favorite head race, but it's also a weekend when that people seem to schedule weddings, reunions, other 'must attend' events. I have missed in several times in the past 10 years because of conflicts. I wish it were the week before or after.

Seems like the Challenge turn has changed after the morning launch ride (last year due to the wind, but also in several previous years). Having it remain in the morning configuration would be helpful to those who have looked over the course by launch or maybe rowed over it the afternoon before. Also, I think you should publish the donations

Guarantee good weather...

Move finish line closer to Sandy Run (flag pole) and/or make it more visible at the current location. .

My parents favorite event. Like to see start and finish.

overall the race is well managed. the time gap between the mens/womens 8s and 4s could be a little larger but it is doable. and Parking is always a big question mark. And maybe more food options, something healthy? It would be great to bring in as much competition as possible. But overall, great job


As on the older scullers in the Challenge...let 's face it-- my opinion really doesn't matter. About tougher competition, do what 's best. With my iron clad grip on DFL...well you know where that goes. Good luck on the weather and best wishes to one and all.

Event good. Me Happy.

This event is always well run. We appreciate all of the hard work that goes into pulling off a successful event.

the flexibility you demonstrated last year under very challenging conditions was impressive !.....keep it up !

Don’t turn into the HOCR or HOTO. They are so unorganized

Best run small run regatta in the country.

It's been fun the last couple of years. Well marked course, pretty low key but still competitive. Not like the HOTO which is awful because it's become so crowded and a little disorganized.

Always enjoyed it, a nice start to the Head Season. Keep it pretty much as is.

You need to have more scullers.

Love the challenge. One of my favorite races. Maybe increase the referee's vantage point at the turn to penalize when there are issues. Thanks for hosting and asking for input!

If there is a way to communicate more with the crews that are launching from Oxford House on the Prince William side, that would be great. We feel a little left out over there and sometimes miss out on important information.

Wish this race was later in the season..its my favorite

I would attend if you guys provided a trailer down from DC.

Love drones. Don’t know why other events don’t do it.

Appreciate that you keep everything run on time and that you keep your site current and respond when I have questions.

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