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Our commitment to you... Since 1999

We want to be the best run small regatta in the country.. Here's our commitment to you..

That we maintain our web site. That the information be clear. That we respond to your calls and emails quickly. So many regattas fail on this front..

That our volunteers are friendly and have years of event experience! Our goal is ATHLETES first - we take this seriously and its not just lip service. If you ever see this not to be the case please come see me personally.

That we deliver our racing schedule quickly. No waiting until right before the event. We want into your hands at least one week before the event.

That we honor full refunds for registration fees should we cancel the event(minus costs to park, park insurance and credit card company). NO one does this.

That we heavily buoy our entire course, put up a great starting chute and heavily marked finish line. That we give course tours before the event.

That we have real-time race results. Our goal is no waiting.. once your boat cross you should expect to see a result online.

That we do more than buy low quality medals. We have trophies! And custom medals..

That we sell great Challenge shirts designs. Each year we hire a new artist to come up with a design that ranks up with the best rowing shirts out on the market.

That we offer up free photos and videos of you on the water. Who doesn't love looking at themselves?

That we bring great food trucks down to the water. We want more than just crappy burgers and sodas.

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